Friday, 9 September 2016

WordPress Ping Services To Index Faster Your Blog

Ping is most common term of internet and now we are using in chating also like “Ping me when you are available to talk”. But here we are talking about WordPress Ping Services.  I gone through pinging few months ago and now I’m clear to this topic.

Many of developers are using wordpress for website or blog development but few of them are aware of WordPress Ping Services. So as a blogger do you think there is any importance of ping in blog ? Does it can help you SEO as initial steps to increase web traffic ?

Well yes, there is an importance of wordress ping in blog and it can help you to direct google index. It is a dream of blogger that blog can reach faster to all search engines. Hence blog has a big advantage of ping service to indexing of your blog post.

So what is ping and how it works ? How can we use and update existing list of wordpress ping ? Read more

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