Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Improve Gmail Account most popular apps

Improve Gmail Account by yourself with these featured apps and plugins

Email is need of everyone and important part of daily routine while someone is running small business or an organization. Where Gmail is most popular option for email, and Google team thinks each moment that how can we improve Gmail account more.

Most of people have Gmail account, if he uses internet connection or a Smartphone. Gmail offers variety of features and Google can make it more flexible for users. If you include few applications and plugins, than you will feel more comfortable.

Let’s read about tools and applications that can enhance your email experience and suggest you how to improve gmail account.

# Wisestamp It is an extension of chrome, which allows you to customize signature by changing font, font-size, colors and images. You can engage RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to your signature. It is very easy tool which can improve the value of your email.

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