Friday, 9 September 2016

Affiliate Program is faster way to earn than Google adsense

Affiliate Program is associative programs that pays you a commission to promote their business, sell products and send them traffic. They pay you based on an agreement which based on some legal activities.

Actually it is a smart and fast way to sell your products while merchants are paying a good commission to you. It leads an excellent marketing strategy to earn profit both parties publishers and advertisers.

When you join an affiliate program, it provides you a direct link of product or sites to promote their services and business. When user redirects to product and purchase, they pay you some percentage as commission.

There are many online companies who sell products as ecommerce, wordpress themes, web hosting, freelancing or any services, who offer an affiliate program. Many of them offer a 60-day cookie policy, which means if user buys within next 60 days instead of buying today, you will be approved for commission.

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