Thursday, 18 August 2016

How to start a profitable blog

Well, everything has changed in last few years and more competitions in blogging. No one expect current picture of blog around the social media and SEO experts because algorithm became more strong and smart day by day. So many of new blogger thinks, it is really possible to start a profitable blog and can make money blogging.

I think yes, It is possible to write good blog contents and do earn some money online. Now days you must have writing passion and few marketing skills like social media, keyword research and execution concepts.
  • Use Google Adwords to find different keywords and click rate
  • Join affiliate program and check for their network earning
  • You can also use free Keyword Research tools to find good keywords with strangth and density for posts.
If you are trying to only earn money from blogging than you should focus on blog contents and promotion. If you want to be one of great bloggers, than don’t think about money at all and leave it for long term investments. You need to develop some skills in yourself about blogging, marketing and promotion. This will create money for you after some time.
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