Friday, 26 August 2016

Gzip Compression to increase website landing speed

I don’t know, If you all developers are aware to Gzip compression or not. I’m sure most of people don’t know about it that how to enable Gzip compression for sites.
May you have read about Leverage Browser caching in earlier post through .htaccess file. Now We will steps to compression through .htaccess file, which is used to optimize website landing speed.

What is Gzip Compression
It is a software application, which contains a piece of code to reduce file size upto 70% of actual size. Basically it is used to compress bigger files (xml, css, js etc) to small files and compress images as well.
It is about to compress webpage, scripts and style sheets upto 60%, which enables fast landing speed. It reduces webpage loading time by smart compression technique.
I know, you got the point but is it possible to increase speed by using such piece of code ? Let’s move on.
How it works and deliver fast landing ? Read more
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