Friday, 26 August 2016

Blogging Problems for newbies to quit journey

In every field there are some freshers, beginners or newbies, and they start business or work with lot of hopes. They pass through problems, up and down while they are trying hard to grow business. Some time they may get frustrated and quit the business because feel unable to overcome common business problems. Blogging problems is also one of them, where newbie are come to gamble their skills.
At certain situations either they become good or quit the blogging life. Why did they quit blogging journey at front hard times ? Are they not able to market their writing skills ?

If any blogger wants to become expert, than he never quit. He come back with confidence each time and give his best because he passed out through marketing strategies and common problems.
So, what are those common blogging problems that all newbie are facing or quit journey before the professional lifestyle ? Let me take you there to find some common problems and ability to out from frustration. Read more
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Gzip Compression to increase website landing speed

I don’t know, If you all developers are aware to Gzip compression or not. I’m sure most of people don’t know about it that how to enable Gzip compression for sites.
May you have read about Leverage Browser caching in earlier post through .htaccess file. Now We will steps to compression through .htaccess file, which is used to optimize website landing speed.

What is Gzip Compression
It is a software application, which contains a piece of code to reduce file size upto 70% of actual size. Basically it is used to compress bigger files (xml, css, js etc) to small files and compress images as well.
It is about to compress webpage, scripts and style sheets upto 60%, which enables fast landing speed. It reduces webpage loading time by smart compression technique.
I know, you got the point but is it possible to increase speed by using such piece of code ? Let’s move on.
How it works and deliver fast landing ? Read more
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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Broken links heating down you website, let fix them

It is annoying to have that browser redirects on some another page while we are opening a page in wordpress site. It is very common error, if you found a link is not going where you supposed too. We called them broken links or Bad links for site, which potential distract the redirects.
Well, you all must know about 404 errors, when you see an error message on browser that link is trying to take you somewhere else. Now time you feel bad about these links, they can harmful for your wordpress website. So, now let know about broken links and ideas to prevent site health.

What are broken links? How they affects to website ranking ? Read more

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How to start a profitable blog

Well, everything has changed in last few years and more competitions in blogging. No one expect current picture of blog around the social media and SEO experts because algorithm became more strong and smart day by day. So many of new blogger thinks, it is really possible to start a profitable blog and can make money blogging.

I think yes, It is possible to write good blog contents and do earn some money online. Now days you must have writing passion and few marketing skills like social media, keyword research and execution concepts.
  • Use Google Adwords to find different keywords and click rate
  • Join affiliate program and check for their network earning
  • You can also use free Keyword Research tools to find good keywords with strangth and density for posts.
If you are trying to only earn money from blogging than you should focus on blog contents and promotion. If you want to be one of great bloggers, than don’t think about money at all and leave it for long term investments. You need to develop some skills in yourself about blogging, marketing and promotion. This will create money for you after some time.
Read more

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone With IRIS Scanner, Rumors, Features

Samsung has launched most intelligent smartphone Note 7 today and it would be available for pre-orders from August 3, 2016. Officially Note 7 will available in market from 19 August, 2016 with an expected price $800 USD [ 50,000 INR ]. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be most intelligent smartphone of world with it’s own processor and payment system.

Samsung Note series phones are most anticipating Android smartphones, where Note 7 looks some different with smart features. It has claimed most intelligent smartphone with Gear VR and Iris Scanner, which makes it enough smart from other brands. It has another smart features is IP68 Water and Dust resistance and upgraded S pen with great magnify sensor.
  • Samsung claimed as most intelligent smartphone of world
  • Curved display and IRIS sensor
  • Release date can be 19 August, 2016 with $800USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Let’s read about rumors and full specification of Galaxy Note 7. Read more

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Money Making Methods For Blogging

Let us move to get money making methods and how to boost your earning by blogging.
Make money blogging

Google Adsense
Most of people think to start to earn online money from Adsense. It is a network, which provides you put ads on your site or blog with quality of algorithm. Whenever any user visits your site or click the ad, it makes some money for you.
Now days, Google Adsense has quality and powerful algorithm. It’s approval is not easy for now. You need to clear all Google conditions, and site must be according to their rules to get an account. Blog should be at-lease 6 months old to get approved.
Hence, it is a wow moment for every blogger, that Google approved the blog site.
Read more

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Alexa Ranking for WebSite Or Blog and Web Traffic Data Analysis

When you wish to earn money from site, it needs a good rank or if you want to sell your domain, than web traffic data are considered equally. Most of people heard about Google page rank but I’m sure some of them haven’t hear about Alexa Ranking.
Alexa Ranking, Amazon Alexa

Well, may you all know that why site ranking is required ? how to get high page ranking in Google or Alexa ? how to optimize site with SEO techniques ? When we wish to earn some money online from our site or advertise products than it is important to have high page ranking.
What is Alexa Rank ? How it is useful for website score ? Read more
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