Saturday, 15 October 2016

ClickBank Affiliate has higher commission up to 75%

May you have read about Affiliate Marketing and earning opportunities, where popular programs are Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon.

Affiliate Program has a very simple and common rule of earning more traffic, more sell and more money. Most of people always purchase more than they planned before and it tends to earn higher commission.

If you are looking to earn big commission from Affiliate Marketing than you should join ClickBank, because it offers high percentage of commission per deal upto 75%.

I’ll suggest you to join ClickBank affiliate program, It is far better than others because commission is higher. It has variety of digital products, so there is no distribution and shipping cost.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program is oldest and reliable

May you have read about Affiliate Marketing and earning opportunities, where popular programs are Commission Junction, ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon. Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of most popular, oldest and smart program, where commision percentage is low but quite simple and trustworthy.

There is a simple rule of affiliate program more traffic, more sell and more money. Because people always purchase more than they planned before and it tends to earn higher commission.

It is also important that how to increase website traffic and how to force them to click on affiliate links. You can place code to website, blog or also share through Social Media which can boost your traffic.

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Friday, 14 October 2016

How to make unlimited free website traffic

Website Traffic is a common problem for everyone while website is optimized and content centered. According to survey report 40% bloggers quit their journey because they fail to pull traffic to blog.

Well, you have read about Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense program depends on website traffic. Few of them are loyal and contribute little in your earning.

I received hits to inbox on Twitter and Inbound that what should be done to increase traffic to blog ? What are easy ways to direct traffic and force to visitors to spend some time on website ?

It is the smartest task of Webmasters and Search Engines, who detect blogs activity and analyze website or blog under some tracking rules. So let’s read what are those ways to make some traffic.

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How to increase traffic , tips and guidelines

Most people have common question how to increase traffic, while you have a static website, blog or e-Commerce site. Let’s read about some strategies to build a network structure, which directs to website.

Website traffic is enables a network of earning opportunities while you are having a website or blog. If you join Affiliate Marketing or Adsense program, than you must have strong traffic to website.

Write Piller Contents

Pillar Contents are like tutorials, which may have very detailed information about a topic. Like “10 ways to make money online”, it is a great example of pillar articles.

Such kind of posts are most popular, and can be viral easily on social media. It can be like a survey report, which takes you to subject point by point in detail.

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Getting listed in Google is hard dream now

Getting listed in Google and other most popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing is more than a hard dream for a website, whether it is eCommerce, Informal static website, blog or anything. Now days it is really very hard to being listed in Search Engines, because of new algorithm and updates to make technology wiser and efficient.

However, Google or other search engines become wiser to analyze a website completely and index it. It is not an easy job not to get listed in search engines and get good website ranking.

Let learn about SEO, how it works ? How to optimize a site according to search engines and get ranked in most results pages ?

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Google Adsense is not a get-rich quickly scheme

Most of people have a dream to get paid by Google Adsense program, whether you are a blogger or running a website. It is about to place a piece of code to website and get paid for each clicks.

Adsense is your revenue program, which follows PPC marketing and shows ads on your website according to search and interests. While any visitor clicks on ad, then you get paid for this.

I must want to tell you that Google Adsense is not a get-rich quickly scheme. It is a long term investment of time and hard work. Don’t think that you are listed in Google and have a good traffic to website, is enough to get big money.

Well, requesting for Adsense is quite easy job but getting approved is harder because site must be ready according to Google and Search Engine. Even, I had failed more than three times to approve for Adsense but before two months Google approved my site.

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How Affiliate Marketing works ? Guidelines and Tips

Affiliate Marketing is very simple and transparent way of earning money and provides a model to earn faster than Google Adsense program. It is the process of earning and promoting products of any brand, company or organization.

Affiliate is most popular way of make money online scheme since 1998, where you can earn by product / Services promotion and referral process. Simply promote the products of company and get some fixed percentage of amount as commission.

If you know some marketing skills, than Affiliate marketing is great tool earn big. Like if you are running a blog of technology than you could join affiliate related to Technology and gadgets, Software, Computer or internet. It depends on you and website niche.

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

How can I become a blogger ?

Well, I started to write few months ago and learn from lots of mistakes as each of beginners do. But now days when I meet to people or talk with someone on social media they ask to me a very common question about blogging and lifestyle. Is how they can become a blogger ? How to pull out writing skills and share useful contents to readers ?

There is lots of question mark about blogging, many of my friends and other people think I spend full day on Social media and laptop. What are you doing there indeed ? Is it only waste of time ? Where someone thinks why don’t they can do the same, who knows about it.

Blogging has positive and negative points, may you want to know them. It is quite common to all bloggers as live picture because they feel it in real life once or more times when meet to someone.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Nofollow Links Has Hidden Power In Blogging

Obviously, nofollow link can hit on face for those who are trying to earn links from other clients. Here’s how nofollow links have some hidden powers as followed ones.

Apparently it’s core, that a link should be designed to create some awareness on other webpage. Hence, Here’re the smart ways to make the most of your nofollow links, whether they’re on official site, blog site, social media, or elsewhere.

Nofollow links provide a way to google webmaster to alert Search Engine that “Don’t follow this link”.

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Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress

If you are looking for a solution to increase your website loading speed through Leverage Browser Caching. And Google tests suggested you to fix Leverage Browser Caching to your WordPress site. Or you might heard about it to increase your WordPress site speed.

Simply you can do also Leverage Browser Caching in your WordPress site by adding a few lines in .htaccess file or by using plugins. Here, I’ll show how you can perform Leverage Browser Caching in WordPress site? And How it works?

Browser Caching
First of all, we start with how it works in WordPress and how it increase loading speed. A web browser retrieve many resources by request and response from server ( html, CSS, JS, texts, images and videos ) to load a website.

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Improve Gmail Account most popular apps

Improve Gmail Account by yourself with these featured apps and plugins

Email is need of everyone and important part of daily routine while someone is running small business or an organization. Where Gmail is most popular option for email, and Google team thinks each moment that how can we improve Gmail account more.

Most of people have Gmail account, if he uses internet connection or a Smartphone. Gmail offers variety of features and Google can make it more flexible for users. If you include few applications and plugins, than you will feel more comfortable.

Let’s read about tools and applications that can enhance your email experience and suggest you how to improve gmail account.

# Wisestamp It is an extension of chrome, which allows you to customize signature by changing font, font-size, colors and images. You can engage RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to your signature. It is very easy tool which can improve the value of your email.

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Friday, 9 September 2016

How to boost blog posts and increase web traffic

How to boost blog posts, tricky question for each blogger who wants to drive huge traffic to website.

Most of bloggers have a dream to get huge traffic to site, more clicks and likes to website, readers spend more time on your website, more comments and shares, better Google index. Whereas few of them want big traffic and big money from blog site.

Either you are beginner or expert, is it not that you want ? Don’t you think that how to can engage more people to your blog ? Is it content quality is good or readers are showing interest to read them ? How much time they spend to read your post and If yes, do they share ?

It is truth that every one likes to get traffic to site and spend more time; unlike they are doing for social media like facebook and whatsapp.

So let me tell you about How to boost blog posts with ease of pressure which can pull your audience to page or site, get more clicks and comments.

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Social Media Promotion Engage Huge Traffic To Blog

Hello readers, I hope you have read earlier post about how to write a blog, on-page SEO basics and google indexing. Social media have an important role while you want to engage huge traffic to your site. Because Social Media Promotion  doesn’t need too much efforts, so just write good and share them to social profiles.

Well, most of people had a picture of social media as a good time-pass, sharing photos and chatting only but It is more than it. Social media has a power of sharing your thoughts and experiences to lot of people in one shot. About 2 millions users are active daily on social media and few of them use it for business and updates.

Social media promotion is only the way to pull traffic faster with few efforts and can boost your profile in one click. It provides you a network of people, where you can promote your business easily. There are lot of opportunities, who are active, responsible to grab them and know how to utilize them.

Now the question is how it is important to bloggers ? How blogsite can make huge traffic by using such social media tools and services ? So, answer is yes. Social media is a large platform to build your network and relationship with new people. It is the friendly way of interaction to each other and collaborate to business terms.

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WordPress Ping Services To Index Faster Your Blog

Ping is most common term of internet and now we are using in chating also like “Ping me when you are available to talk”. But here we are talking about WordPress Ping Services.  I gone through pinging few months ago and now I’m clear to this topic.

Many of developers are using wordpress for website or blog development but few of them are aware of WordPress Ping Services. So as a blogger do you think there is any importance of ping in blog ? Does it can help you SEO as initial steps to increase web traffic ?

Well yes, there is an importance of wordress ping in blog and it can help you to direct google index. It is a dream of blogger that blog can reach faster to all search engines. Hence blog has a big advantage of ping service to indexing of your blog post.

So what is ping and how it works ? How can we use and update existing list of wordpress ping ? Read more

Affiliate Program is faster way to earn than Google adsense

Affiliate Program is associative programs that pays you a commission to promote their business, sell products and send them traffic. They pay you based on an agreement which based on some legal activities.

Actually it is a smart and fast way to sell your products while merchants are paying a good commission to you. It leads an excellent marketing strategy to earn profit both parties publishers and advertisers.

When you join an affiliate program, it provides you a direct link of product or sites to promote their services and business. When user redirects to product and purchase, they pay you some percentage as commission.

There are many online companies who sell products as ecommerce, wordpress themes, web hosting, freelancing or any services, who offer an affiliate program. Many of them offer a 60-day cookie policy, which means if user buys within next 60 days instead of buying today, you will be approved for commission.

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Friday, 2 September 2016

Blogging impacts life with positive thoughts

Our life offer us lot of things and we learn from mistakes and experiences, where ups and down is key of joyful life. While we are starting a new business, set up new goals and build strategy to achieve them. We encourage and motivate to our self to  get successful and balanced life. Did you ever think that how to start a blog as passion to write or how blogging blogging impacts life ?

Starting a blog can be a good decision if you are king of writing skills, which can help you to live a better lifestyle. Blogging is an art of sharing thoughts and experiences to other people like a love that has no age limit.

Young writers or beginners have a passion, desire and energy to write, where as pro bloggers have skills and experience to write. Both of them have different lifestyle under set of ideas and skills circumstances. Few of them has an ability to turn skills into a business or long term job.

So, Let’s read about lifestyle of bloggers and how to start a blog can change the way of life and how blogging impacts life.

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Blogging Problems for newbies to quit journey

In every field there are some freshers, beginners or newbies, and they start business or work with lot of hopes. They pass through problems, up and down while they are trying hard to grow business. Some time they may get frustrated and quit the business because feel unable to overcome common business problems. Blogging problems is also one of them, where newbie are come to gamble their skills.
At certain situations either they become good or quit the blogging life. Why did they quit blogging journey at front hard times ? Are they not able to market their writing skills ?

If any blogger wants to become expert, than he never quit. He come back with confidence each time and give his best because he passed out through marketing strategies and common problems.
So, what are those common blogging problems that all newbie are facing or quit journey before the professional lifestyle ? Let me take you there to find some common problems and ability to out from frustration. Read more
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Gzip Compression to increase website landing speed

I don’t know, If you all developers are aware to Gzip compression or not. I’m sure most of people don’t know about it that how to enable Gzip compression for sites.
May you have read about Leverage Browser caching in earlier post through .htaccess file. Now We will steps to compression through .htaccess file, which is used to optimize website landing speed.

What is Gzip Compression
It is a software application, which contains a piece of code to reduce file size upto 70% of actual size. Basically it is used to compress bigger files (xml, css, js etc) to small files and compress images as well.
It is about to compress webpage, scripts and style sheets upto 60%, which enables fast landing speed. It reduces webpage loading time by smart compression technique.
I know, you got the point but is it possible to increase speed by using such piece of code ? Let’s move on.
How it works and deliver fast landing ? Read more
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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Broken links heating down you website, let fix them

It is annoying to have that browser redirects on some another page while we are opening a page in wordpress site. It is very common error, if you found a link is not going where you supposed too. We called them broken links or Bad links for site, which potential distract the redirects.
Well, you all must know about 404 errors, when you see an error message on browser that link is trying to take you somewhere else. Now time you feel bad about these links, they can harmful for your wordpress website. So, now let know about broken links and ideas to prevent site health.

What are broken links? How they affects to website ranking ? Read more

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How to start a profitable blog

Well, everything has changed in last few years and more competitions in blogging. No one expect current picture of blog around the social media and SEO experts because algorithm became more strong and smart day by day. So many of new blogger thinks, it is really possible to start a profitable blog and can make money blogging.

I think yes, It is possible to write good blog contents and do earn some money online. Now days you must have writing passion and few marketing skills like social media, keyword research and execution concepts.
  • Use Google Adwords to find different keywords and click rate
  • Join affiliate program and check for their network earning
  • You can also use free Keyword Research tools to find good keywords with strangth and density for posts.
If you are trying to only earn money from blogging than you should focus on blog contents and promotion. If you want to be one of great bloggers, than don’t think about money at all and leave it for long term investments. You need to develop some skills in yourself about blogging, marketing and promotion. This will create money for you after some time.
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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone With IRIS Scanner, Rumors, Features

Samsung has launched most intelligent smartphone Note 7 today and it would be available for pre-orders from August 3, 2016. Officially Note 7 will available in market from 19 August, 2016 with an expected price $800 USD [ 50,000 INR ]. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be most intelligent smartphone of world with it’s own processor and payment system.

Samsung Note series phones are most anticipating Android smartphones, where Note 7 looks some different with smart features. It has claimed most intelligent smartphone with Gear VR and Iris Scanner, which makes it enough smart from other brands. It has another smart features is IP68 Water and Dust resistance and upgraded S pen with great magnify sensor.
  • Samsung claimed as most intelligent smartphone of world
  • Curved display and IRIS sensor
  • Release date can be 19 August, 2016 with $800USD
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Let’s read about rumors and full specification of Galaxy Note 7. Read more

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Money Making Methods For Blogging

Let us move to get money making methods and how to boost your earning by blogging.
Make money blogging

Google Adsense
Most of people think to start to earn online money from Adsense. It is a network, which provides you put ads on your site or blog with quality of algorithm. Whenever any user visits your site or click the ad, it makes some money for you.
Now days, Google Adsense has quality and powerful algorithm. It’s approval is not easy for now. You need to clear all Google conditions, and site must be according to their rules to get an account. Blog should be at-lease 6 months old to get approved.
Hence, it is a wow moment for every blogger, that Google approved the blog site.
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Alexa Ranking for WebSite Or Blog and Web Traffic Data Analysis

When you wish to earn money from site, it needs a good rank or if you want to sell your domain, than web traffic data are considered equally. Most of people heard about Google page rank but I’m sure some of them haven’t hear about Alexa Ranking.
Alexa Ranking, Amazon Alexa

Well, may you all know that why site ranking is required ? how to get high page ranking in Google or Alexa ? how to optimize site with SEO techniques ? When we wish to earn some money online from our site or advertise products than it is important to have high page ranking.
What is Alexa Rank ? How it is useful for website score ? Read more
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